Premium Series Safety Glasses

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Legion Safety Products proudly presents the Premium Series Safety Glasses! The latest and the greatest in eye protection, the Crews Premium safety glasses are fashionable and offer superb particle impact protection. All Premium series safety glasses have the MCR Safety’s trademarked Duramass anti-scratch coating and meet the safety standard ANSI Z87.1. Certain advanced models, such as the Crews ForceFlex Safety Glasses, have improved impact resistance and meet the military VO testing standard for high-impact eye protection. The Crews Premium series safety glasses are made from best quality materials for light weight and durability and can be used in a wide variety of applications - as regular eye protection on construction sites, industrial and manufacturing plants, in place of safety goggles for motorcycle riders and many more. In fact, the designs of these premium series safety glasses are so cool, you can just wear them as a fashion accessory - you might even make Oakley wearers jealous!



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