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Crafted out of top notch materials for long service life, this 1,000 V insulated dismantling knife provides protection during live work, in line with ASTM F 1505 standards. For further safety, Knipex 98 55 has an ergonomically shaped handle with slip-proof components, for better grip, and a slip-guard, to prevent injury. The knife is designed to offer excellent transmission of force. The fixed hook blade has a sickle shape and features a guide shoe at the point, to avoid damaging the conductor insulation. This 6” durable tool is an outstanding addition to the lineman’s supply, offering protection, exemplary performance, and durability.

Knipex 98 55 lineman’s electrical insulated dismantling knife has the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated, via injection molded sleeves - usable for live working; in compliance with ASTM F 1505
  • Comfortable slip-guard - part of ergonomically improved handle shape - for increased protection
  • Slip-proof components of handle provide strong grip on the knife
  • Good transmission of force is ensured by thumb recess and “finger hook” at handle end, for when blade is pulled
  • Comes with transparent protective cap
  • Sickle-shaped hook blade is solid and fixed, has guide shoe at the blade point - to avoid damage of the conductor insulation
  • Blade is made of air-hardened stainless surgical steel for optimal performance
  • Total length of 6.0” (155 mm), blade length of 1.5” (38.0 mm)