Insulated Dismantling Knives

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Crafted out of high quality materials for longevity, the 1,000 V insulated dismantling knives from Knipex combine durability and top-notch design, which offers excellent transmission of force. With an ergonomically shaped handle that contains anti-slip components, the dismantling knife provides the electrician and lineman with a strong grip during work. In line with ASTM F 1505 standards, the insulated dismantling knife offers protection during live working on electrical installations. Additional features include the slip guard on the handle, for the safety of the operator. These knives have a variety of hooked blades – wider for round cables, narrower for sector cables, with a guide show at the blade point for avoiding damage to the conductor insulation. Essential for working on cables, the insulated dismantling knife allows the user to cut the insulation and get to the internal wires more easily than a regular, straight blade would. This tool is made for exemplary function and service.



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