Cold Weather Work Gloves Recommended for -30°F to -20°F

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These winter and freezer gloves are the warmest that we offer at Legion Safety. They are thick, heavy duty gloves and mittens that provide a great deal of insulation, keeping your hands warm and protected even in the most severe weather conditions. These gloves are recommended for use in environments at temperatures ranging from -20°F to -30°F - you can definitely use them outside of this rather narrow temperature range, based on your needs for dexterity and exposure time to the cold. Keep in mind that insulation on the gloves decreases flexibility and dexterity of fingers, so you have often you have to decide whether you require the gloves to be very warm, or if you can sacrifice some insulation for additional dexterity. If you do require more dexterity than what you can get from conventional gloves or mittens, then you might want to consider heated work gloves.

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