Insulated Pliers and Screwdriver Tool Sets

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Aptly named, these sets contain various 1,000 V insulated pliers and screwdrivers, and may also feature insulated diagonal cutters, and even insulated cable shears. These sets are conveniently compiled for the electrician or lineman, offering tools that are durably made for long service life and excellent performance, and provide safety during live working. Made by Knipex, the sets are available in different sizes – the basic essentials kits tend to have about five tools, while the medium sized kits come in roll-up pouches and contain seven tools for a wider range of function. Ten piece sets come in a hard case for easy storage and carry, and they feature a bigger assortment of gear, providing a one-stop tool set that can be used for numerous, varied jobs. Some of the sets are also available in a high leverage option, and they contain tools that offer great results with less effort expenditure by the user. Highly usable and crafted out of top-notch, quality materials, these 1,000 V insulated pliers and screwdriver tool sets provide the electrical worker with peace of mind during live working, while also delivering outstanding results.



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