Insulated Adjustable Water Pump Pliers

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A valuable addition to any electrician’s tool box, Legion Safety’s 1,000 V insulated adjustable water pump pliers offer heightened protection during electrical work, as well as outstanding performance. Forged out of durable steel for delivering the best results, these water pump pliers from Knipex are long-lasting and low-wear. Made to be adjustable to various sized workpieces, the slim dimensions of these pliers additionally allow excellent accessibility, even in confined spaces. The tool self-locks on the workpiece, demanding low hand force from the operator once the pliers have been latched on. The specially hardened teeth of the pliers provide a reliable grip, for heightened functionality, and the design of the tool lends itself to producing the optimum transmission of force, so you get the most out of your Knipex insulated adjustable water pump pliers with every use. To further operator safety, the handle has a built in pinch guard, to prevent hand injuries. This tool is an essential part of the active electrician’s supplies, and offers exemplary safety, as well as maintained excellence on every job.



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