PU Coated Gloves

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Polyurethane Gloves (PU Glove) have a protective polyurethane coating on a nylon, Dyneema®, or other shell, making the work glove thin and light, yet retaining very high mechanical properties and high abrasion and tear resistance. PU is also very durable in regards to natural aging and has a good resistance to ozone corrosion and aliphatic solvents. PU coated work gloves are highly recommended in the industries that require extremely high mechanical properties. Polyurethane dipped safety gloves offer a snug fit for greater feel and outstanding comfort and allow for an exceptional sense of touch making them a choice of many professionals in a multitude of areas in general maintenance, precise and delicate assembly work, product inspection, handling small metal and plastic parts and components, microelectronics, light automotive applications, precious metals, bio culture and also handling optical and photographic equipment.

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