Two-Tone Contrasting Class 2 Safety Vests

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Having a two-tone class 2 safety vest helps increase visibility during daytime. Whereas the reflective trim on all hi vis vests increases visibility during night time, by reflecting the light from head lights and other light sources, the contrasting fluorescent colors on vests help make sure that the workers stand out more during sunshine. Reflective tape normally reflects the light only approximately back in the direction of the light source, making it great for warning drivers with headlights on - light from a car’s headlights lands on the reflective strip and gets reflected back to the driver, making him aware of a presence of a road worker. During the day, the reflective stripes do not reflect sunlight towards the eyes of drivers, so the drivers have must clearly see the fluorescent colors of the hi vis clothing worn by workers near the road. Class 2 safety vests with contrasting colors stand out better from a distance compared to their solid color counterparts.