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Made for superior performance, these flame resistant rain overalls have a neoprene coating and a nylon lining. The neoprene offers top-notch abrasion resistance, in addition to fire resistance and chemical resistance, to substances such as acids, oils, solvents, and more. The stitched and taped seams provide 100% liquidproof protection, and the nylon lining has great drying capabilities, in addition to material toughness and durability. These plain front overalls from Tingley have heavy duty snaps for long service life and best function. The take-up snaps on the ankle cuffs allow the wearer to adjust the overalls’ fit for easy wear. This garment will keep you protected in a variety of hazardous situations, so that you can focus on your job while remaining safe.

Tingley Magnaprene™ flame resistant rain overalls have the following features:

  • Neoprene coat over nylon lining * Nylon lining provides great material strength and drying capabilities, as well as lightweight and comfortable wear * Neoprene coating offers outstanding resistance to abrasions and chemicals
  • Flame resistant - garment self extinguishes with flameout and afterglow less than 2 seconds after removal of ignition source; tested via ASTM D6413
  • Generously cut for superior freedom of movement
  • Stitched and taped seams provide 100% liquid proof protection
  • Take-up snaps on the ankle cuffs allow for fit adjustments
  • Heavy duty snaps for best function
  • Mildew resistant for long service life
  • Chemical resistance: Animal fats, certain acids, alcohols, caustics, oils, and certain solvents
  • Ideal applications: Petrochemical, chemical, off shore drilling, mining, fishing, and forestry

Tingley Magnaprene™ flame resistant rain overalls variations:

  • Tingley O12007 comes in Yellow
  • Tingley 012008 comes in Olive Drab


Garment Primary ColorYellowOlive DrabYellowOlive DrabYellowOlive DrabYellowOlive DrabYellowOlive DrabYellowOlive DrabYellowOlive DrabOlive Drab