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A durable pair of slip-on steel toe boots for tough environments, Blundstone 990 is designed to protect you from numerous perilous conditions. Crafted out of black leather, with molded TPU toe guards for safeguarding the leather, these boots are water resistant for use in non-dry environments. Certified to ASTM F2413-05 M I/75/C/75 EH standards, the steel toe caps offer impact and compression protection, and the soles can withstand up to 14,000 volts at 60 HZ for one minute, providing safety in case of electrical hazards. The highly slip resistant soles are also heat resistant up to 572°F, in addition to being oil, acid, and organic fat resistant. These qualifications recommend Blundstone 990 to a variety of uses and differing environments. Focused not only on protection, but also comfort, these slip-on steel toe boots are outfitted with PORON® XRD™ inserts in the forepart and heel, for absorbing shock with every step. Additionally, polyurethane inner soles with PORON® XRD™ provide cushioning and increased shock absorption, allowing for all day wear of this protective gear without fatigue or discomfort. This pair of reliable XFOOT Rubber boots offers convenient safety options, equipping you with top-notch protection and unbeatable comfort.

Blundstone 990 XFOOT Rubber elastic side slip-on steel toe boots have the following features:

  • ASTM F2413-05 M I/75/C/75 EH compliant
  • Made out of black premium quality leather, with water resistant upper
  • Leather has additional protection with molded TPU toe guard
  • Flexible polyurethane midsole is low density for lightweight cushioning, soft yet durable, and absorbs shock
  • Rubber outsole is high density nitrile with a ⅕” extra heavy duty tread, offering top-notch slip and cut resistance, as well as oil, acid, organic fat, hydrolysis, and microbial attack resistance
  • Electrical hazard resistant soles and heels provide protection in case of electric shock, and the soles are heat resistant up to 572°F
  • Steel toe caps are Type 1, offering 200 joule impact resistance, and have a wider fit for more comfortable wear
  • Polyurethane inner soles offer arch support and have PORON® XRD™ for shock absorption and cushioning; insoles are washable, breathable, and anti-bacterial
  • SPS MAX-PORON® XRD™ inserts in forepart and heel strike zones, for additional shock absorption with every step
  • Steel shanks offer best torsional stability


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Footwear Size (US Men's)Australian 5 [US Men's 6, US Women's 8]Australian 6 [US Men's 7, US Women's 9]Australian 6.5 [US Men's 7.5, US Women's 9.5]Australian 7 [US Men's 8, US Women's 10]Australian 7.5 [US Men's 8.5, US Women's 10.5]Australian 8 [US Men's 9, US Women's 11]Australian 8.5 [US Men's 9.5, US Women's 11.5]Australian 9 [US Men's 10, US Women's 12]Australian 9.5 [US Men's 10.5, US Women's 12.5]Australian 10 [US Men's 11, US Women's 13]Australian 10.5 [US Men's 11.5, US Women's 13.5]Australian 11 [US Men's 12, US Women's 14]Australian 12 [US Men's 13, US Women's 15]Australian 13 [US Men's 14, US Women's 16]
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Impact ProtectionSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toe
Closure StyleSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-on
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