Tingley Steel Toe Neoprene Boots MB921B - Premium, 16" Tall, Chevron Outsoles


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Tingley MB921B steel toe "Neoprene Snugleg" boots are made for challenging work conditions in the industrial environment, bringing together safety and comfort. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that will outwear standard rubber in chemically rich settings, making neoprene a more durable choice for work boots. Dipped into a coating and sealant of neoprene, these steel toe boots are resistant to chemicals as well as 100% waterproof. Designed with both comfort and protection in mind, these 16" steel toe neoprene boots feature a flexible upper and "Snugleg" technology, which makes the boots hug the foot for all day comfortable wear, as well as additional material in the toe and heel contact points - to optimize safety. The "Chevron" outsole, a Uniroyal design, spits out debris for slip resistance and excellent traction on wet-contaminated surfaces. The steel toes offer increased protection, too, as do the Electrical Hazard soles and heels. Meeting ASTM F 2413 M/I/75/C/75 EH, the boots can withstand 18,000 volts at 60 HZ for one minute.

Tingley MB921B steel toe neoprene boots come with the following features:

  • Boots have neoprene coating and sealant, giving them a resistance to chemicals and making them 100% waterproof
  • Neoprene rubber boots will outlast standard rubber boots in solvents, caustics, hydrocarbons, oils, fats, and acids, making them the more durable protection option
  • Hand-layered construction of the boot yields a flexible upper portion which provides more comfort, and also deposits additional material into the toe and heel points of contact, for improved protection
  • Safety-toe styles meet ASTM F 2413 M/I/75/C/75 EH, for steel toe caps and Electrical Hazard Protection
  • "Snugleg" design closely fits foot curves for a comfortable full day's work
  • Removable contour cushion insoles made out of polyurethane boost foot comfort
  • Dense fabric liner offers easy on and off, as well as wicks condensation and moisture
  • "Chevron" outsoles give boots abrasion resistance and exemplary slip resistance on wet-contaminated surfaces
  • Steel shank offers added arch support
  • Applications: Food Processing, particularly Red Meat, Dairy, Chemical, Petrochemical, particularly Exploration, and Production
  • Chemical Resistance: Animal fats and blood, oils, certain acids, alcohols, alkalies, and certain solvents


Material - UpperNeopreneNeopreneNeopreneNeopreneNeopreneNeopreneNeopreneNeopreneNeopreneNeoprene
Footwear Size (US Men's)6789101112131415
ApplicationHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy duty
Impact ProtectionSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toeSteel toe
Closure StyleSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-onSlip-on
Boot ShaftMid-calfMid-calfMid-calfMid-calfMid-calfMid-calfMid-calfMid-calfMid-calfMid-calf