Insulated Adjustable Wrench Pliers

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Innovative design combines the action of an adjustable wrench, which allows for widening or narrowing of the jaws on a parallel plane, with the function of pliers, which allows for angular adjustment to the jaws. This combination of features makes this 1,000 V insulated Knipex tool a highly versatile device that provides infinitely varied gripping sizes, to match whichever workpiece needs fixing. The adjustment works by pushing a button that allows for the lower jaw to slide up or down, and when the button is released, the jaw locks into place on the adjustment scale. Then, the motion of the handles provides the plier-like adjustment. The result is an adjustable wrench pliers that can replace a full set of metric and inch open end wrenches. Its smooth jaws do not strip or damage nuts, bolts, or any finishes. This type of tool offers marvelous gripping, holding, pressing, and bending capabilities, and its lever transmission gives it outstandingly strong gripping power. Additionally, it can quickly tighten or release bolted connections because of its ratchet functionality. The slim profile of this multifunctional insulated pliers wrench makes it ideal for fitting into narrow spaces, as well.



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