Passive Welding Helmets

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Our line-up of passive welding helmets is provided by Jackson Safety. Many of these welding helmets meet ANSI Z87.1 standards and come in a variety of colors, styles and protection levels. The Jackson 860P leather welding helmet is ideal for overhead welding work where slag might drip down, while the HSL-2 model is the ideal economical choice for the casual welder who only needs the basics. These helmets are so important because welding produces harmful UV/IR radiation which can burn the eyes and skin and can splash molten metal which can cause severe injuries. Don’t unnecessarily risk these injuries by equipping yourself with one of our passive welding helmets from Jackson Safety. If you need help figuring out which welding helmet is right for your application or for help with understanding ANSI Z87.1, contact us here at Legion and we will be happy to assist you.