Welding Helmets

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We offer a variety of two different types of welding helmets: Auto darkening welding helmets and Passive welding helmets. Both offer great protection from UV/IR rays which can be very damaging to the eyes. Many welders who choose not to use protection end up with Arc Eye, a painful condition in which the eyes have been exposed to UV/IR rays resulting in basically a sunburn on the eyes. This is very painful and unnecessary for anyone to have to go through. Eliminate these possible injuries by choosing either an auto darkening or passive welding helmet from our many products available. Auto darkening helmets automatically detect the arc and darken the viewing screen to protect your eyes. Passive welding helmets either need to be flipped up or have the flap lifted to allow the welder to see the work surface. In the United States, the industry standard for welding helmets is ANSI Z87.1-2003. This standard specifies performance of a wide variety of eye protection devices. The standard requires that auto-darkening helmets provide full protection against both UV and IR even when they are not in the darkened state. The standard is voluntary, so check the product descriptions when browsing our selection of welding helmets to see which ones are ANSI Z87.1 complaint.

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