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General Purpose, Package Handling, Bottling Industries String Knit Gloves - Plain or with PVC Dots, Providing Warmth, Grip and Protection

** Legion Safety string knit work gloves ** are specially made without any side seams for incredible comfort. The _ string knit _ construction, by definition, allows for great glove breathability and less overall hand fatigue. The _ string knit gloves _ come in three generic varieties – plain, with _ PVC dots _ on one side and PVC dots on two sides. The _ PVC dot coatings _ offer a boost in performance by improving grip and providing extra abrasion resistance. The plain and two-sided PVC dot varieties are reversible and, thus, carry an additional benefit of workers’ ability to replace only one _ string knit glove _ at a time as opposed to having to get a new pair should one of the _ gloves _ wear out. The _ string knit work gloves _ can be used alone, helping to guard against minor scrapes and cuts as well as offer protection from cold. Used as a glove liner for larger gloves, such as leather and leather palm safety gloves , they add both warmth and an extra layer of protection. _ String knit gloves _ find great use in the fields of food processing (especially in refrigerated areas), general maintenance and parts handling, shipping / receiving / warehouse operations and automotive plants, bottling industries (especially _ PVC dots coated string knit gloves _ ) and farm and gardening applications.

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