Insulated Torque Wrenches

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In situations where the tightness of the workpiece in an electrical installation is paramount, the 1,000 V insulated torque wrench is the tool that allows the electrician and lineman to use the exact amount of force necessary to do the job precisely and well, additionally offering protection during live working, per ASTM F 1505 standards. This tool features a lockable torque adjustment for accuracy, and has a transparent insulated scale range built into the handle. The bolt-activated locking system for sockets offers outstanding attachment. Made out of high quality materials, the insulated torque wrench from Knipex is designed for long service life and excellent performance. Available from Legion Safety with ⅜” and ½” driving squares, the torque wrench is also reversible for tightening left-handed threads. The highly precise insulated torque wrench is a tool that lends the user top-notch levels of accuracy and safety when it truly counts.



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