Insulated Reversible Ratchet Wrenches

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Crafted out of top-notch materials, the 1,000 V insulated reversible ratchet wrenches from Knipex combine long service life with optimal functionality. These tools offer the electrician and lineman protection during live working, meeting ASTM F 1505 standards. Able to operate in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, reversible ratchet wrenches provide smooth motion for best performance, allowing the user to continuously work without having to break his action to reposition the tool. Insulated reversible ratchet wrenches are designed to be used with sockets, featuring either ⅜” or ½” driving squares that attach reliably. These tools provide excellent results even in areas with restricted space, due to the ratcheting capability. Durable enough to be used constantly, the reversible ratchet wrench comes in handy often, and the 1,000 V insulated variety offers an added measure of function and safety.



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