Insulated Open End Wrenches, 1000V Rated

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Designed with a 15 degree jaw angle for greater maneuverability in narrow conditions, the open end wrenches from Knipex are crafted for both heightened functionality and safety. 1,000 V insulated for protection during electrical work, these tools are forged from chrome vanadium steel for best performance and chrome plated for prevention of corrosion, for extended longevity. One of the most basic tools in the electrician’s tool kit, the open ended wrench is a simple, yet highly effective essential that always comes in handy. Legion Safety offers insulated open end wrenches in a variety of metric and inch sizes, to fit the needs of the user and the demands of the work environment. These durable wrenches can also come in pre-assorted sets, or as part of general tool kits.

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