Insulated Cable Knives

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Designed with the worker in mind, the 1,000 V insulated cable knife offers the electrician and lineman protection during live working, meeting ASTM F 1505 standards. The ergonomically shaped handle features a slip guard for operator safety, as well. Made out of top-notch materials, this tool from Knipex is crafted for long service life. Legion Safety’s selection ranges from the flat blade knives that contain slip-proof components in the handles for better grip and are constructed for excellent transmission of force – offered with and without plastic coating on the back of the blade which helps in avoiding short circuits – to the cable knife with the attached hinged blade guard and exchangeable blade. These knives are suitable for use with cables, and are versatile and handy to have around. When working on electrical installations, using just any knife or blade can be dangerous, and the durable insulated cable knife alleviates the safety issues associated with live working, as well as offering exemplary performance and quality.



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