Dyneema and other HPPE Gloves

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Dyneema gloves provide a comfortable and lightweight fit, while offering unmatched cut protection in harsh work environments. They are made with ultra high molecular weight polyethelyne (UHMWPE/HPPE/UHMW) that has a strength-to-weight ratio that is 15 times greater than steel. These highly durable gloves will hold up to a wide range of challenges. Industries that handle material with potential to cut or puncture the skin can benefit from its unique properties. They are ideal for automotive, metal fabrication, glasswork, and other industries that require exceptional protection against cuts to the hands. This leaves you with a product that provides exceptional longevity when compared to other synthetic fiber alternatives, yet preserving a full range of movement with your hands. When it comes to traditional materials like leather and cotton, this material is superior in virtually every category. Dyneema gloves deliver an unyielding defense against the sharpest workplace hazards.