MIG Gloves

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The MIG welding process, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is a welding process in which a wire in continuously fed from a spool and is considered to be a semiautomatic welding process. The MIG welding process can splash a lot of slag, especially when using flux core wire. Because of this, our line of MIG welding gloves are made a selection of fine leathers which prevent the wearers hands from getting burned from flying slag, sparks and damaging burns from the UV rays. The craftsmanship of these MIG welding gloves allows maximum protection while maintaining enough dexterity to strike an accurate arc and maintain a weld for long distances, which MIG welders are known for. Have no fear of any more wrist burns from gloves which do not adequately protect the upper hand and wrist from UV, slag and sparking. Our line of MIG gloves come in a variety of styles including Temperbloc palm coated for superior palm protection, aluminized gloves for high heat resistant, Kevlar lined welding gloves for precise welding without fear of burns and outdoor welding gloves for outdoor welding protection.

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