3M BE-10 Tychem® QC Hoods


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3M BE-10 Series hoods are white loose fitting, positive pressure respiratory inlet coverings made to provide protection to the wearer. These hoods, when combined with an appropriate powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) or supplied air system, are designed to provide respiratory protection against certain particulates, organic vapors, acid gases and other inorganic gases. Use BE-10 hood from 3M with 3M Air-Mate and Breathe Easy PAPRs or 3M BE-Series Supplied Air Hood Systems. This hood is made from white color polycoated Tychem® QC material and has a wide-view faceshield and shoulder length inner and outer shrouds. Tychem® QC hoods are coated with 1.25 mil polyethylene and offers splash protection against many inorganic acids, bases and other liquid chemicals such as pesticides. The hood is held in place on the head by a sewn-in, elastic headband. Breathing air is supplied from a breathing tube connected to a snap-in hose connector, which is sewn into the back of the hood. Breathing air travels through the open space at the top of the hood, down over the user's face and out through the inner shroud. Call for discounted bulk pricing

3M BE-10 Tychem® QC hood sizes:

  • 3M BE-10-3 are regular size hoods, packed 3 hoods per case
  • 3M BE-10-20 are regular size hoods, packed 20 hoods per case
  • 3M BE-10L-3 are large size hoods, packed 3 hoods per case


Hood SizeRegularLarge