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OptimAir TL PAPR Kit Tight Fitting consists of Blower Assembly, Standard Battery Pack (or Extended Life Battery Pack), Standard Charger (or Extended Life Battery Charger), Face piece Hose Assembly, Decon Belt With Cam Buckle, Instruction Manual (cartridges and face piece are not included). The blower assembly of MSA OptimAir TL assists breathing by drawing air through the cartridges and delivering the purified air through a breathing tube to the respirator inlet covering. This MSA PAPR is approved for use with Advantage 3100, 4100, and Ultra Elite face pieces. OptimAir TL PAPR from MSA is outfitted with flow control sensors that are activated by insertion of the cartridges and breathing hose into the blower housing. Sensor controlled blower delivers the necessary flow of air and will not over-pump, which can be uncomfortable for the user. This MSA PAPR is equipped with audible and visible alarms that indicate low battery voltage and improper air flow. These two audible alarms have unique sounds that can be differentiated by the user. OptimAir TL is ideal for use in numerous work environments and comes with a choice of 3 cartridges: HE (Hi-Efficiency), OV/ AG-HE and AM/FM/AG-HE. Spark and water protective covers are also available. All cartridges come with an “O” ring sealing gasket that helps to ensure a secure and tight fit.

New cartridges and under normal use, the standard fully charged battery operates for a minimum of four hours and the extended life battery for a minimum of eight hours.

  • MSA 10081114 - OptimAir TL powered air purifying respirator for face pieces, with standard battery
  • MSA 10081115 - OptimAir TL with long life battery


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