Otterlayer BOGU jacket, 30" long, CJ3-BGU


Collar Style


Product Details

Otterlayer jacket model CJ3-BGU with detachable sleeves is perfect for high-wear operations where users wear out the material on sleeves much faster than on other parts of jacket. With this jacket model you simply replace the snap-on sleeves when they become dull or damaged, without needing to replace the entire jacket, and creating considerable savings. Additionally, you can use sleeves and jacket made of different materials, so if the sleeves need thicker or more abrasion resistant material - you can easily do it.

Features of Otterlayer detachable sleeve jackets:

  • Metal snap front closure with pull tabs to allow easy removal
  • Stand-up collar to protect part of the neck and reduce risk of sparks or particles from splashing under the collar
  • Sleeves attached with metal snaps above the elbow, allowing easy sleeve replacement and secure attachment
  • Sleeves have snaps at wrists, to tighten openings at wrists for better fit with gauntlet style gloves

BOGUTM, a fabric consisting of TEFLON® PTFE fibers, sheds molten metal and provides outstanding protection from the hazards in foundries, casting and smelting environments.

Protective properties of BOGU foundry clothing material:

  • Breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Rugged, long-lasting material and construction for heavy-duty industrial use
  • Thermally durable, with high insulating value
  • Withstands repeated industrial launderings
  • Molten metal resistance for both aluminum and ferrous metals (iron)
  • Withstands contact temperatures as high as 500° F (260° C)
  • Resists virtually any chemical, even very toxic and corrosive

Fabric composition and characteristics:

  • TEFLON® PTFE fluoropolymer fiber
  • Fabric Weight: 21 oz. / sq. yd.


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