Garment Size

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Product Details

Otterlayer’s spring leggings LR2-APC with replaceable covers consist of a spring-loaded steel frame and the high heat/aluminized frabric attached to it with snaps. They have extra material for overlap flap at back of leggings, accommodating a wide variety of leg sizes (circumferences of calfs).

Features of Otterlayer foundry and aluminized spring leggings with detachable covers:

  • Easy on-off - pull the legging open from back side, slide over leg, tuck the overlap material at back and close, it then holds by itself with spring force
  • Fabric attached to spring structure with snaps allows user to reuse the durable metal part, and replace only the cover as it gets dull or damaged over time
  • Metal instep bars help hold flare down to foot when wearing these leggings
  • 14” high from bottom to top of legging
  • 7” flare over top side of foot

Protective properties of aluminized para aramid and carbon blend clothing material:

  • Resists molten iron and aluminum splash
  • Excellent cut, abrasion and heat resistance
  • High heat resistance - able to withstand 400-600°F
  • Radiant heat resistance - up to 2000°F
  • High flexibility of material allows good freedom of movement

Fabric composition and characteristics:

  • Para-aramid and carbon blend fiber, finished with an aluminized coating
  • Fabric Weight: 19 oz. per sq. yd.


Garment SizeStandard sizeXL2XL
Max contact heatHigh (500F to 800F)High (500F to 800F)High (500F to 800F)
Insulation levelHighHighHigh
Abrasion and tear resistanceHeavy dutyHeavy dutyHeavy duty
Fabric flexibilityMediumMediumMedium
Radiant heat protectionYesYesYes
Sparks resistanceYesYesYes
Molten aluminum splashResistantResistantResistant
Molten iron splashResistantResistantResistant