Otterlayer aluminized head and neck cover, carbon fleece, hard-hat mounted, NC2-ACF


Product Details

Otterlayer's heat resistant spark deflector NC2-ACF is a great economical solution for high heat protection needs. It is mounted over a hard cap using an elastic band and provides protection for sides of head and neck of wearer.

Features of Otterlayer foundry and aluminized NC2-series spark deflectors:

  • Shroud fits over hard cap and is held by elastic band
  • Covers sides and back of head and neck

Carbonized fibers blended with rayon knit fleece make up the base of the aluminized carbon fleece fabric used to make this garment. It is inherently flame resistant, protects against molten metal splash, provides maximum temperature resistance and will not burn, melt or ignite.

Protective properties of aluminized carbonized fleece clothing material:

  • Lightweight, soft and flexible
  • Protects against both molten iron and aluminum splash
  • High temperature resistance - withstands over 800°F contact temperature
  • Radiant heat protection - up to 2000°F
  • Will not melt or ignite
  • Good heat insulation abilities

Fabric composition and characteristics:

  • Carbonized fibers combined with rayon knit fleece with aluminum coating
  • Fabric Weight: 12 oz. / sq. yd.


Max contact heatVery high (over 800F)
Insulation levelHigh
Abrasion and tear resistanceLow
Fabric flexibilityFlexible
Radiant heat protectionYes
Sparks resistanceYes
Molten aluminum splashResistant
Molten iron splashResistant