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Product Details

Otterlayer high heat open back coat model C51-AR1 is a great primary protection layer for people that work in foundries and other environments where they need to be in the vicinity of extremely hot objects, including molten metals. The open back design is great for more controlled environments where exposure to heat and sparks or molten splash is limited to the front of the person. Most coats designed for use in foundries and other hot places are made of thick materials with limited or no breathability, making it uncomfortable to wear for a long time as heat and moisture (sweat) builds up under the coat, thus making a clear benefit of a coat with an open back.

Features of Otterlayer open back foundry and aluminized coats:

  • Coat closes at top over shoulders and does not cover the wearer’s back and below, allowing significantly more air movement, reducing moisture buildup and helping the person stay cooler when the source of heat is at the front
  • Stand-up collar to protect part of the neck and reduce risk of sparks or particles from splashing under the collar
  • Sleeves have snaps at wrists, to tighten openings at wrists for better fit with gauntlet style gloves
  • Available in various lengths to accomodate different protective needs and allow combinations of full body protection that are most convenient and effective for a particular situation

Protective properties of aluminized rayon clothing material:

  • Resists molten iron and aluminum splash
  • High heat resistance - able to withstand 400-600°F
  • Radiant heat resistance - up to 2000°F
  • Light, flexible and economical material

Fabric composition and characteristics:

  • Rayon woven fabric finished with an aluminized coating
  • Fabric Weight: 15 oz. per sq. yd.


Collar StyleStandard BandStandard BandStandard BandStandard BandStandard BandStandard BandStandard BandStandard Band
Length - collar to bottom40"40"40"40"40"40"40"40"
Coat backOpen backOpen backOpen backOpen backOpen backOpen backOpen backOpen back
Max contact heatMedium (up to 500F)Medium (up to 500F)Medium (up to 500F)Medium (up to 500F)Medium (up to 500F)Medium (up to 500F)Medium (up to 500F)Medium (up to 500F)
Insulation levelMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMedium
Abrasion and tear resistanceMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMedium
Fabric flexibilityMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMediumMedium
Radiant heat protectionYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Sparks resistanceYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Molten aluminum splashResistantResistantResistantResistantResistantResistantResistantResistant
Molten iron splashResistantResistantResistantResistantResistantResistantResistantResistant