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Product Details

Otterlayer’s heat resistant waist apron AW1-APB is a great economical solution for those that have extra wear or heat exposure near the front waist area. Tie this small apron over your other protective clothing to help extend the life of such clothing by covering the high-wear area - once the apron wears out, simply get a new apron without needing an whole new jacket or bib.

Features of Otterlayer foundry and aluminized waist aprons:

  • Edges stitched for additional tear resistance
  • Tie at sides around back to secure around waist area

Aluminized PBI is a knit blend of PBI® and para-aramid blend fibers with an aluminized coating. Despite being extremely lightweight and supple, aluminized PBI provides superior resistance to abrasions and chemical solvents. Its lighter weight and flexibility provide wearers with greater comfort and reduced fatigue.

On its own, PBI is an organic fiber with very unique properties. It was originally developed for NASA’s Project Apollo, in response to the need for greater heat protection. It does not burn in air, melt or emit toxic fumes. The addition of paraaramid blend provides extra strength and abrasion resistance.

Protective properties of aluminized PBI clothing material:

  • Light, comfortable and flexible
  • Can withstand very high contact temperatures - withstands contact with objects at temperatures of 800°F+
  • Excellent thermal, abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Radiant heat protection - up to 2000°F
  • Not recommended for heavy molten metal splash

Fabric composition and characteristics:

  • PBI® / para-aramid blend fibers with aluminum coating
  • Fabric Weight: 7 oz. / sq. yd.


Max contact heatVery high (over 800F)
Insulation levelLow
Abrasion and tear resistanceHeavy duty
Fabric flexibilityFlexible
Radiant heat protectionYes
Sparks resistanceYes