SKU: CXCPSM140-1236-EAMPN: CPSM140-1236

Product Details

Switchboard matting is rubber matting designed to insulate workers in high voltage areas. It is used as a floor covering to prevent shock around high voltage electrical apparatuses, fuse boxes, switchgear, control panels, and heavy machinery. This matting meets and exceeds the parameters of ASTM 0178. This matting is Type 1 Natural rubber which is non-oil reistant, non-ozoneresistant, and non-flame retardant.

Switchboard Matting is available in a number of custom cut size variations. Full rolls of Class 1, 2, and 3 measure: 36” Wide X 75’ Long. Full rolls of Class 4 measure: 36” Wide x 60’ Long. Thicknesses vary based on class.


Electric RatingClass 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2
Mat Size1/4" 30kV Matting: 12"x36"1/4" 30kV Matting x Linear Ft1/4" 30kV Matting: 24"x36"1/4" 30kV Matting: 36"x150'1/4" 30kV Matting: 36"x32'1/4" 30kV Matting: 36"x36"1/4" 30kV Matting: 36"x72"1/4" 30kV Matting: 36"x75'1/4" 30kV Matting: 48"x36"1/4" 30kV Matting: 48"x75'1/4" 30kV Matting: 72"x36"