Cementex 18" Class 4 Insulating Rubber Gloves

SKU: CXIG4-18-9B-EAMPN: IG4-18-9B

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Class 4 rubber insulating lineman gloves from Cementex provide economical and reliable protection from voltages below 36,000 V(AC).

The gloves are made of natural rubber construction, offering the required dielectric properties combined with flexibility, strength, and durability. Gloves feature rolled cuffs, and are anatomically shaped thereby reducing hand fatigue. Each glove is chlorinated for maximum comfort. These gloves are compliant with OSHA 1910.137, OSHA 1910.268, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462, and exceed the ASTM 0120 and European EN60903 standards for use around Electrical Hazards and Arc Flash Protection.

Features of Cementex Class 4 IG4-18 Insulating Gloves:

  • Suitable for use at 36,000 V(AC) max


SKUCXIG4-18-9B-EACXIG4-18-10B-EA CXIG4-18-11B-EACXIG4-18-12B-EA
MPNIG4-18-9BIG4-18-10B-EA IG4-18-11BIG4-18-12B
Glove ColorBlackBlackBlackBlack
Glove class & rating4 - max 36,000V AC4 - max 36,000V AC4 - max 36,000V AC4 - max 36,000V AC
Glove Length18"18"18"18"
Glove Size9101112