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No other glove offers the dynamic mix of protection and comfort of the HyFlex® 11-624 glove. The ANSI Level 2 protection and lightweight ergonomic fit strike the perfect balance of protection and precision when working with small, sharp parts.

The HyFlex 11-624 glove is an effective way to decrease injury expenses without reducing productivity or quality. That’s because it combines superior cut protection, abrasion resistance, grip, tactility, and dexterity in a comfortable glove your workers are more likely to wear. Advanced Cut Protection Never Felt this Good! HyFlex® 11-624 gloves feature an exclusive yarn combination of DSM Dyneema®, Spandex and nylon. HyFlex® 11-624 gloves offer a high degree of cut protection, yet they are lightweight, cool, comfortable and highly flexible. A polyurethane black coating provides a medium high level of abrasion resistance while promoting a sure grip in dry and wet applications and extending product life by not showing strains from wear. Product provides: ANSI Level 2, EN Level 3.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics & Electrical
  • Glass Products
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Plastic & Rubber Manufacturing
  • Tier One
  • White/Durable Goods


  • Final & sub-assembly areas when handling sharp metal components
  • Forming, machining & bending of small sharp parts
  • Glass handling & installation
  • Small part stamping
  • Wiring

Dyneema® engineered yarn composition with ergonomic design:

  • Offers user unmatched combination of comfort, softness, coolness and cut protection
  • Advanced yarn technology increases worker confidence while on the job
  • ANSI Level 2 cut protection
  • Soft and cool to the skin for all-day comfort
  • Molds naturally to the hand, preventing fatigue while providing comfort
  • Exclusive yarn combination provides exceptional precision, dexterity and flexibility when handling small parts
  • Extensive size range protects more workers (6-11)

Black Polyurethane Coating

  • Proprietary black polyurethane coating provides a sure grip in light oil and dry applications
  • Sure grip of product increases worker assurance when handling sharp objects
  • Good resistance to tears and punctures that might occur when handling sharp parts in dry and light oil applications
  • Black palm coating hides soil providing longer wear and reducing overall replacement costs

Durable and Washable

  • Polyurethane coating provides excellent abrasion vs. other coatings
  • Product can be washed and re-used without any loss of cut protection
  • Minimal shrinkage, excellent recovery extends wear life
  • Ability to launder reduces total cost of ownership


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