3M Versaflo Heavy Industry PAPR System TR-300-HIK


This product is currently on a 8+ week back order due to overwhelming demand within USA and worldwide. Quick delivery will not be possible.


Product Details

3M TR-300-HIK PAPR system is specially designed in the heavy industry applications where extra durability and easy maintenance are required. This 3M Versaflo powered air purifying respirator combines protection for the head, eyes and face with the respiratory protection, eliminating the need to worry about those additional risks on most jobs. This reliable and ergonomically designed _ PAPR kit _ fits comfortably on the wearer, with the belt mounted blower minimizing interference with the work. In addition to the advanced design and layout of this product, the Versaflo line of 3M PAPR systems also provides multiple technological features that increase convenience and safety - such as the battery charge indicator and the air intake obstruction warning signal.

Features of the TR-300-HIK PAPR System from 3M:

  • This PAPR kit includes the 3M M-307 respiratory hard hat
  • Breathing tube is the heavy duty BT-40
  • The blower unit model TR-306N is used with the heavy duty leather belt and HE filter 3M TR-3712N along with TR-362 spark arrestor/pre-filter
  • Battery charger and a battery with level indicator are included with this kit.
  • This HE PAPR system is great for industrial applications including cutting, drilling, powder coating, grinding, general maintenance, sawing and more.