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Superior SKGLP cut resistant gloves feature a sting knit Kevlar® body and full grain leather palms. These work gloves provide outstanding comfort, flexibility and endurance. They include leather palm gloves also have some water-repellant and oil-repellant properties. Leather wraps around the sides of the cut resistant glove ‘s fingers, increasing protection and comfort. These Kevlar® gloves are fully launderable. Superior Glove SKGLP is seamless knit Kevlar® glove which is Kevlar® sewn throughout, which makes this safety glove not only cut resistant, but also flame resistant.

Superior Glove Cut Resistant Protective Gloves SKGLP also feature the THT True Hand Technology. THT gloves are knit gloves that are actually shaped like a human hand. Many string knit gloves are shaped the same way - unlike a human hand. Superior Glove created knit gloves where the crotch of the baby finger is lower, just like it is on your hand, so Superior Glove THT string knit gloves would fit your hand perfectly.

Action Kevlar® leather palm cut resistant gloves by Superior Glove are leather palm gloves that feature “Action” leather palm and Kevlar® glove body. These cut-resistant gloves have become a industry standard for heavy duty and durability. Seamless knit anti-cut Kevlar® gloves provide excellent comfort and cut resistance. Also Kevlar® makes these protective gloves flame retardant, so the gloves will not melt or drip around heat and open flame. Fingers of these leather palm work gloves extend around the sides, which increases protection and comfort and extends the life of work gloves. In addition, these cut resistant gloves by Superior Gloves feature a full leather thumb. The palms are attached to the knit glove shell with Kevlar® thread for greater durability.

Features of Superior Glove SKGPL Kevlar® cut resistant gloves:

  • Full-grain leather palms
  • Full leather thumb
  • Leather palms wrap around sides of fingers
  • Knit Kevlar® glove body
  • Gloves are slash and cut resistant, and flame retardant
  • Palms attached to knit shell with Kevlar® thread for greater seam integrity


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