Superior Insulated Leather Gloves 66BRBOAWT - Watertight


Product Details

Superior 66BRBOAWT insulated leather gloves feature a breathable polyurethane water barrier between the outer glove and liner, making them water and windproof, yet breathable. These work gloves feature a gunn pattern with safety cuffs and quality split leather palms. They provide moderate dexterity and flexibility ensuring great performance and warm hands even when working with wet objects. Superior Water-Tite winter gloves come with a great features like a layer of polyurethane between the outer glove and inner lining. Polyurethane is commonly referred to as the 'most versatile polymer', and can be used in many items; like in-line skate wheels, soles of shoes, and refrigerator insulation. These BOA lined leather palm gloves have the polyurethane waterproof membrane extending from the fingertips to the top edge of the cuff, creating a glove that is completely wind and waterproof. Gunn-cut styling features select split-cowhide palms, fingertips, index finger, and a knuckle strap to protect against scrapes and abrasion. The cotton backs are elasticized for snug fit and breathable comfort. This cuff features a band top cuff to help with putting on and taking off. These freezer and cold weather work gloves are a real asset to workers exposed to freezers, winter elements, or any type of cold climate (particularly where dampness is an issue).

Applications of Superior 66BRBOAWT cold weather and freezer leather gloves

  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Material handling
  • General maintenance
  • Forklift operation
  • Ranching


Glove SizeOne Size (L)