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Designed exclusively for the absorption of petroleum based products, out line-up of 3M Petroleum absorbent materials come in a large variety of styles, pricing and packaging to get you exactly what you need for your job. These products are selective absorbers, which mean they will only absorb hydrocarbon-based liquids (oleophilic) and repel aqueous-based liquids (hydrophobic) keeping costs down compared to traditional clay granules and other sorbent materials. Additionally, these items are made specifically for absorption of petroleum based solutions in water (ie: ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, etc). Unlike traditional granules and Maintenance sorbent products, these Petroleum absorbent materials resist water and will only absorb a hydrocarbon based solution. Here are some of the best features of our 3M Petroleum Absorbent products:

* Dust-free and nonabrasive granules (wont damage expensive equipment) * Can be wrung out and reused time and time again * Can be incinerated down to 0.02% ash * Wont deteriorate, sink in water or disintegrate

These Petroleum Sorbents resist temperature and humidity extremes and are ideal for a wide variety of uses. Mainly used for reclaiming oil from water systems, these products are also useful in and around machinery that can drip oily solutions as well as being places into sumps and drains in order to collect any leakage of petroleum based products into water systems. Made from an innovative Microfiber material containing millions of tiny pockets, these products are able to absorb and hold petroleum based liquids better than many other products out there. If you need assistance figuring out which products are right for your petroleum collection needs, contact one of our customer service representatives and they will be glad to assist you.

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