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Designed to absorb non-aggressive liquids used in daily operations such as oils, coolants and other substances that do not require PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for handling. Our line-up of lightweight and versatile Maintenance Sorbents are dust free and contain no abrasive granules that can cause damage to expensive equipment. Our Maintenance Sorbents can also be incinerated or fuel blended to product no more than 0.2% ash and can also be wrung out and reused with virtually no loss of sorbent capacity.

The grey coloring utilized in much of our Maintenance sorbents blend in well to industrial environments and darken as they absorb, making it easy to see when changing is needed. We recommend using these Maintenance Sorbents for the following applications:

* Industrial machinery leaks, drips, spills and splashed of non-aggressive liquids * Wiping down oily tools * Tabletops and under work surfaces * Under oily machinery * and many more!

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