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Safety Glasses and Goggles - Eye Protection from Crews

An unfortunate statistic - thousands of people a year are blinded in work-related accidents. An even more unfortunate fact is that most of these injuries could have been avoided with the use of proper _ eye protection _ . ** Legion Safety Products ** can supply you with the best-quality, comfortable and stylish _ safety eyewear _ to provide your workers with chemical _ splash protection _ or flying particle protection. The _ protective eyewear _ we offer includes _ safety glasses _ and _ safety goggles _ of both regular and over-the-glasses wrap-around type and is designed with industrial, laboratory and construction workers in mind and comply with ANSI Z87.1 standards.

For work environments where flying particle protection is required, we carry _ impact protection safety goggles _ and _ safety glasses _ , such as the Crews 2220 perforated safety goggles . For advanced protection, we also carry face shields – please visit the Head and Face Protection section to check out the selection.

For a work environment with chemicals splash threat, such as an industrial chemical plant or a college laboratory, _ chemical safety glasses _ and _ splash protection goggles _ like Crews 2230R chemical splash goggles are recommended. _ Chemical safety glasses _ have highly durable frames and side shields to protect the eyes from minor chemical splashes. For more advanced _ eye protection _ , _ splash protection safety goggles _ have a similar purpose and design but offer better protection and are generally used in lab work. Please check your company policy for the type of protection required in your workplace.