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Our line-up of 3M sorbent products come in so many different variates, we are confident that we can fulfill any sorbent need you may have. We only sell the best materials available and offer them at the lowest possible prices. Our selection of 3M sorbent products is broken down into three categories: Maintenance Sorbents, Petroleum Sorbents and Chemical Sorbents.

  • Maintenance Sorbents are suitable for use with petroleum and water based products. However, they are not acceptable for absorbing chemical based products.
  • Petroleum Sorbents are only suitable for absorbing petroleum based products and are not acceptable for handling water or chemical based situations.
  • Chemical Sorbents are capable of absorbing chemical, petroleum and water based products, making them the ideal choice for any situation.

All of our Sorbent products are made by 3M and are a cut above the rest. When compared to clay granules (often used in competitive sorbent products) 3M excels in several different ways. 3M sorbent products will save you money because one case of 3M pads absorb what would take almost 300 pounds of clay granules. Additionally, clay granules need to be shoveled, turned and disposed of. This would mean a clean up of 200 pounds of oil would take 8 times longer to do with clay granules.